Travel visas and other documents you will need for your next trip abroad

It is that time of year to pack your bags and do some summertime traveling to a new and faraway destination. With the ability to travel to almost any country in the world, your options are endless. To get prepared for an exciting trip to another country, you will want to make certain you have everything you need to leave the continent.  This means identification, passports, and visas. With everything in place, you can make this summer one that you will never forget. You can have fun and create life-long memories.

Whether you are traveling to another state or leaving the country, you will need identification. A simple trip to another state will take nothing more than a valid driver’s license to get you through security and on to your flight. If you are leaving the country, you will be in need of a passport. A passport can be applied for at a government office, or with a travel agent. You may have a passport document service office in your area as well. With a photo and valid passport, you will be ready to travel to the country of your dreams. Read More

Driving holidays in Australia: explore the great outdoors

How many people do you know that have spent a gap year in Australia?  It is so common to do this by now that it isn’t even original anymore!  However, you probably don’t want to be outdone and you need to visit Australia at least once in your life.  Unfortunately, the older you get, the more difficult it’s going to be to take a full year out of your schedule.  Not to worry, however, since you can do specific parts of Australia in just a few days.  That way, you can, at the very least, say you have been on a driving holiday through Australia!  Let’s take a look at the different options.

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Top five reasons to visit Canada

Canada might not be the cheapest destination in the world and it’s certainly not the hottest, but when it comes to awe inspiring scenery, the ridiculously large country is pretty hard to beat.

Throw in a few cosmopolitan and sky scraper laden cities and you have a tourist destination that should be on everybody’s bucket list. Should you be considering heading North, here are five reasons to find yourself in Canada in 2012.

The Skyscrapers in Toronto

Downtown Toronto

If you love the tall buildings of New York but not the random street shootings, Toronto is likely to be right up your alley. It’s skyline is awe inspiring, it’s people cosmopolitan and it’s nightlife options both endless and hectic.

In many ways, it offers all of the thrills of New York but in a much cleaner, and significantly safer, package. There’s a reason that it’s often described as a French version of the Big Apple.

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Don’t break the bank: 5 hidden travel fees to watch out for

Everyone knows that traveling can be expensive. You have to pay for travel, accommodations, dining and activities, and after awhile, it all adds up. When we try and determine our travel budget, we are constantly including the amount of money we intend to spend on gas or airfare, hotels stays, and all the amenities we plan to enjoy. But somehow, no matter how much we calculate our trip and plan out our expenses, we always end up coming home from vacation spending more than what we had budgeted for.

While most of us scratch our head in wonderment trying to determine how we could have been off by so much money, it then hits us—after the fact—that there were things we spent money on that we didn’t plan for. These hidden fees can easily break any budget, and it’s important to start accounting for them before you leave for vacation. The following are five hidden travel fees you should expect.

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