Cultural vacations in Costa Rica

The people of Costa Rica draw pride from the fact they have been able to enjoy political stability for over fifty years now. This is a major achievement for the Latin American country. The country is also famous for its high levels of living. Education in the country is beyond reproach.

Costa Rica is a country that has a rich culture. This is because the country is the home of a number of races. Only one percent of the population can claim to be the indigenous natives of the country. Ticos have a very friendly personality. They will welcome all their visitors with a lot of hospitality. They are driven by the desire to live a pure lifestyle. The Costa Rican culture revolves around the family. Family is considered a very important aspect of society. For you to be able to enjoy the country’s culture, you need to walk the streets. This way, you will be able to find the Ticos carrying on with their day to day activities.

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Visit Lanzarote, Island of Fire

The Canary Islands are well known as a popular year round holiday destination. Second only to Catalonia as the most visited region in Spain. Yet these seven islands are not all birds of a feather by any means. As each boasts its own unique character and identity.

Lanzarote is the most easterly link in this chain, lying some 80 miles off the coast of Morocco. In relation to larger Canarian cousins such as Tenerife the island remains surprisingly unspoiled – despite welcoming over 1.5 million foreign tourists every year. A figure which is further augmented by an annual influx from the Spanish mainland as many seek to swop the summer heat there for the cooler climes of the Canaries.

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